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“We all have pride in what we do, and what we have accomplished. It’s important to understand that in our industry, and life in general, you have to put your pride aside in order to properly deliver a service. The user will need to come first, as success is dependent on their satisfaction, whether it’s building a website or performing a photoshoot.

Zachary James Stephan


Web Design

Palm Beach Web Dev | Stephan Assurance LLC

Create Your Online Presence

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Palm Beach SEO Help | Stephan Assurance LLC

Need more relevant traffic driven to your website?

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Social Media (SMM)


Palm Beach Imagery | Stephan Assurance LLC

Want to capture life’s finest moments?

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Current Projects:

Men’s Net

Official Mens Net | Apparel

Apparel For Men. Every purchase includes a donation to the Semper Fi Fund. Trucks, Chicks, and Firearms. Our instagram averages between 6,000 to 16,000 visits a week – reach out for advertising/posting options.

Your Walk of Fame

Your Walk of Fame

The Next Greatest Morning After Bag – Walk In Fame – Not Shame! We want to make it simple the next morning. Live your life, bring Your Walk of Fame with you – and feel sky high the next morning. Pre-orders go live 2019. Live it up!

Write Against Wrong

Write Against Wrong

Our Goal: Foster a creative outlet for life through text. What started as inspirational quotes, has now evolved a few times. We want to provide a creative outlet for anyone to drop their work, thoughts, or questions for the world to chime in. Open blogs launching 2019.

Photography That Speaks

Write Against Wrong

Our Goal: Foster a creative outlet for life, but through Photography. We love photography here, and our goal is to bring together photographers around the world to help display and sell their work. Store + blog coming soon – follow us on Instagram!

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