My Experience Setting Up Fiverr and Completing My First Gig

So Zachary Stephan – Give Us The Rundown On Fiverr!

What is Fiverr?

Fiverr is a platform for buyers and sellers to interact with eachother and deliver on “gigs.” Gigs are the jobs or services that are to be completed. Some types of gigs are: SEO Audits, Article Writing, Translating Services, Graphic Design, and many others. Honestly, it’s a pretty cool platform that everyone should check out. Sometimes spending a few dollars saves you the time to work on something else at the same time.


Why Did You Join Fiverr?

I initially joined Fiverr because I would frequently order Logos and Content from freelancers. Finally I thought to myself: “Why don’t I try and sell on Fiverr?” So I did.


What Gigs Did You Set Up On Fiverr?

I set up 1 Gig initially, but then came back later that same day and set up 2 more. The first of which, was my very own custom SEO Audit. This SEO Audit is a mix of me manually reviewing a website, and also putting the website through some SEO tools. It gives the power of technology and tools, but also the touch of a human. Next, I set up gigs for my AdWords Audit and my Bingads Audit.


What Was Your First Gig You Sold/Completed?

My SEO Audit was the first gig that someone purchased from me! It was awesome, it allowed me to create a template and figure out how I could make this successfully work at a lower price. Think volume.


What Are Your Goals With Fiverr?

Another avenue of work. If I can run a few SEO Audits a week, I’ll be happy with my results from Fiverr. I think it’s a useful tool that’s worth exploring. If I can do more through Fiverr – I’m all for it.


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