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Key SEO Factors

Ensure Your SEO Strategy Is Targeting The Right Elements

Google’s Algorithm is constantly changing and evolving. If anyone tells you they know everything about the Algorithm – RUN! If someone tells you they can get you to Page 1 for a generic keyword in a week – RUN! These companies will do more harm to your site than you could imagine. We take a “No Bullsh*t” approach to SEO here at Stephan Assurance LLC. We know what works best to help your website grow. SEO is a marathon, Paid Search is a sprint. If you need conversions tomorrow, learn more about our Paid Search campaigns with Google + Bing. However, SEO is about the long term growth and value of your site continuing to improve. Everything we do here is based around Transparency. We follow Google’s guidelines, best practices, and what we know works best from Trial and Error. Want to find a successful company to help you with your SEO? Contact Us or Give us a call!

Content 99%
BackLinks 99%
Mobile-First Experience 85%
Encryption/Security 85%
On-Page Optimizations 85%

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If you want to have a successful organic presence with your website, you need to understand the primary goals of the two major search engines: Google & Bing. Unfortunately, not everyone has the time to worry about how to rank higher, or drive qualified organic leads. That’s where we come in! Allow us to help you climb the ranks while you focus on your business. When it comes to SEO, there are a multitude of variables that come in to play. From your Domain Name (website name) metrics, making updates on your website, to even how your information is displayed everywhere else on the web. If you want to improve your visibility within the Search Engines – contact us today! If you have questions about what we do or how we do it – just pick up the phone and give us a call! Or, send us an email!

Flexible SEO Pricing Plans


Analytics Reporting
Keyword Trends
Traffic Demographics
Light Recommendations

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Reporting & Analytics
Light OnSite SEO
Light Link Profile
1 Content Pc/Mo
Social Profile Help

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Reporting & Analytics
Robust OnSite SEO
Tier 2 Link Structure
2 Content Pc/Mo
Local SEO Support

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Reporting & Analytics
Robust OnSite SEO
Ultimate Linking Campaign
5 Content Pc/Mo
Ultimate Local Campaign

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