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Allow Us To Align Our Knowledge & Strategy With Yours

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Ensure Your Digital Strategy Is Targeting The Right Users

Anyone Can Get You In-front of People – But Are They The RIGHT People?

Tomorrow is here – and it’s Social Media. Connecting your business to the different social platforms is a must. Right now, the prices cannot be beat. The CPMs (Cost Per Thousand) on Social is unrivaled. Stephan Assurance LLC has worked with a multitude of companies and agencies in order to deliver top results to clients. We know what works across a wide array of fields. Have questions – contact us today! Whether you are new to Social Media (FaceBook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, SnapChat, etc.), need your paid campaigns cleaned up or refocused, or need someone talented to run your organic social posts – we can help!

Location Targeting 99%
Demographic + Psychographic Targeting 99%
Location + Demographic Targeting 99%
Remarketing 99%
Campaign Organization 99%

Continue Your Success With Our Social Media Campaigns

Social Media Marketing is another key element to running a successful digital strategy. The amount of time that we all are starting to spend on our phones and using social platforms is only growing. Not just that – but the wide array of users that are on social media. From kids, to grandparents – we are all actively interacting with some time of social platform. “But we don’t want to target young kids, our product serves a different audience.” Social Media marketing answers that call by targeting potential consumers based on their demographics and psychographics. You want to target 25-34 year-olds that have a strong interest in Sports Cars, have a certain household income – done. Take advantage of Social Media marketing while it’s dirt cheap! We take a No Bullsh*t approach when it comes to everyone we work with. Transparency is key and our business only grows when your business grows. Allow us to align our knowledge and strategy with yours – Contact Us Now!

Allow Us To Align Our Knowledge & Strategy With Yours

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